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Deep Trouble    
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Volume for Volume Regina Rex Corey Escoto    
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Corey Escoto Volume for Volume Regina Rex
Volume for Volume, Regina Rex (installation view)
Corey Escoto Regina Rex Volume for Volume
Volume for Volume, Regina Rex (installation view #2)
Regina Rex Corey Escoto
Volume for Volume, Regina Rex, (installation view #3)
Corey Escoto Photosculptures
Side-by-side documentation of a multiexposure polaroid photograph (left) and a similiar looking sculpture (right). The photographs are created through a process of cutting stencils and exposing the film, in camera, section by section, until the whole photo is exposed. The resulting image then serves as a pictorial blueprint that directs the construction of a sculptural response. This process reorients the relationship between the the protographic image and the object.
Corey Escoto Cheeto plant
There's Air in the Bag, Fuji Color Instant Film (polaroid) 4" x 5"
Corey Escoto Cheetos Mirror
Volume for Volume, Regina Rex NY, (exhibition detail)
Corey Escoto Circle
Salt Horizon, pleximounted injet photo fragments